Remarks from Christian Housing members:

   "Wow!!! I was struggling on finding Christians listed on Roommate searches, as everybody was listing "N/A" under their religion. Your site is such a blessing... praying that you have much success & that we find a few Christian brothers to share my house rental!! God Bless" -Lance

   "I have printed out the flyer and will post it around the area. God Bless you all at Christian Housing :)" -Maureen

   "Thank you for your kind words. May the good Lord continue to bless this Christian service. This can help Christians live together as room mates and be a blessing to each other. I do hope more people can see the great benefit in all this. May the presence of the good Lord be with you always. " -Maya Keswani

   "I know it is by God's grace that I came across this website. I always wondered if there was a Christian roommate matching service. Thank you for all you do." -Michele Blemur

   "I was desperate, looking for a house and all of a sudden the spirit said type in Christian Landlord, when I did, this is one of the listings that came up under that site. ... It's nice to know there are Christian Landlords banded together in an organization like this. God bless you. " -Sheryl

   "We think your website is fantastic and we have referred many people to check it. I pray that you will be empowered to continue this vital ministry. On behalf of Moody Northwest, we express our appreciation of your excellent labor." -Rebekah Wilson with Moody Northwest College

   "Thank you for your site. We have passed the word on to other Christian churches in the area. God Bless you " -Jody

   "I like getting your newsletters, because then I know how to pray for you. And I've told several of my friends about you to spread the word. I'll be brainstorming some more ideas and e-mail them to you guys. " -Rachel Hiser

   "I am an international student who needs to move around the USA frequently. A Christian Housing service would definitely help us, especially in ministering the Gospel. I really thank God for your guys' service! " -Mandy Cheung

   "I think this site is a brilliant idea and is such a great service to better network the Christian community. I hope it continues to flourish! I will certainly do my part to spread the word!" -Emily Wright

   "Thanks to you I've got a great new roommate already. I appreciate your service... My new roommate came into town--went online looking for a Christian roommate in Denver and...we connected. It's been great! Thanks for your service!! " -Shannon Wise

   "Send me the information to send to the churches again or I can send you more information about different churches. I like this site a lot and feel it has a lot to offer. " -Patricia

   "I talked with one of the elders and she said it sounds like a great idea. Thanks Bryce! " -Dan Bethe

   "Your service ROCKS! it is very cool. I had no idea there were services like this. May God continue to bless your ministry and all of you who work it. " -Trish Guzman

   "I like this web site. It seems to be a great idea. It's so hard to find good Christian people to share a house. " -James Bohrer