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 Here, Christian Roommates are linked with Christian Roommates; Tenants connected with Landlords; Travelers find a short term Host; and Community-Seekers find an appropriate Christian Intentional Community. If you match any one of these, this is the place for you.

To assist you with finding the best match possible, and yet still give you a sense of security, certain information is automatically made public and e-mailed to possible matches, while your personal contact information is kept private until one of you initiates an exchange of contact information. At that point, you are able to establish contact with them, and see if your housing needs can be met.

Upon creating your free account, you are given 2 free, no-risk credits, which can be used to initiate contact with two recommended matches!

The only time you would contribute money to us is
if you would like to initiate contact with more than those 2 people (the contribution gives you unlimited contacts), or
(2) on an honorary basis if you happen to find your contact with one of the 2 no-risk credits we give you, or
(3) if another member initiates contact with you and you feel satisfied with the reference.

Here are the rates for contribution
Roommate who is moving: $20 one-time contribution
Roommate with a place: $20 one-time contribution
Tenant looking for a Christian landlord: $10 one-time contribution
Landlord renting out space: $30 one-time contribution
Traveler wanting to rent short-term from a Christian host: FREE
Host sharing their home with a traveler: 10% of the amount earned
Christian Intentional Community: FREE
Someone seeking a Christian Intentional Community: FREE

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"I think this site is a brilliant idea and is such a great service to better network the Christian community. I hope it continues to flourish! I will certainly do my part to spread the word!" - Emily Wright