Question 20:
"I cannot seem to log in. The sign in menu keeps showing up."

Attempt 1) Look at your cookie preferences for Internet Explorer. Sometimes if security is set to High, it will not let a user in. The cookies and security might need to be set to Medium... or at least less secure/restricted than it is right now.

That is in Tools - Internet Options - Privacy
Then change the vertical guage for privacy, and click on "Apply."
Try logging in again.

Attempt 2) Check the number of days your browser "caches" (stores) web pages before it checks for new information.
In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
On the General tab, click Settings.
For "Check for newer versions of stored pages" select "Every time you start Internet Explorer" or more frequently. You do not want the button to be next to "Never." (If it is, that may have been the problem. Please let us know if you found that to be the cause.)
If after you tried all options, let us know if you were not able to sign in.