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The Federation of Egalitarian Communities - A non-Christian hippie site, but still informative
Intentional Communities ( - A non-Christian hippie site, but still informative
Intentional Communities - an e-group
Christian Intentional Communities - another discussion group
Open Directory - Christianity: Community
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Yahoo! - Christianity: Intentional Communities - a house church network

Christian Communities

Multiple Locations

Amish Church (Southern Conservative) - Florida & Georgia
Bruderhof Communities - International
Chemin Neuf Community - International
Hutterian Brethren - North America
Kanaan - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary - International
New Creation Christian Community - United Kingdom

Sword of the Spirit International an association of communities world wide
Network of Shared Living Christian Communities


Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community 
The Servants of Jesus Community 

Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon
(The Joy of the Lord Community) - Manila, Philippines
Ang Tahanan ng Panginoon (The Home of the Lord) in the slums of Manila
The Servants of the Word - Manila, Philippines

Central America

The Servants of the Word - Monterrey, Mexico


The Servants of the Word - London, England

Taizé Community - Burgundy, France

Family of God Community - Dunalk, Ireland
The Servants of the Word - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Elim Evangelical Christian Communities, Netherlands

Iona Community - Iona, Scotland
The MacLeod Centre - Iona, Scotland

North America


Stepping Stone Christian Community - Cambridge, Ontario - Contact Martin Foster at
Lutheran Student House - Waterloo, Ontario

United States of America

City of the Lord Community - Phoenix, Arizona
New community forming - Contact Marilyn: EMAIL:

Shiloh Community, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

Kingdom House Communities - San Diego, California

District of Columbia
Seekers Church - Washington, D.C.

Amish Church (Southern Conservative)

Koinonia Partners - Americus, Georgia
Alleluia Christian Service Center - Augusta, Georgia
Amish Church (Southern Conservative)

Jesus People USA - Chicago

Christian Covenant Community - Plainville, Kansas (Ned Colburn at, or phone 785 434 2482)

Washtenaw Covenant Community - Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Servants of the Word - Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Word of God Community - Ann Arbor, Michigan (not living together)
The Servants of the Word - Chelsea, Michigan
The Servants of the Word - Detroit, Michigan
The Servants of the Word - East Lansing
Work of Christ Community, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Harvest Hills - Blue Springs, Missouri
Kingdom House Communities - Kansas City, Missouri

New York
Jesus Christ's Community of Hebron - Jefferson, New York (CONTACT: Ron
Menno House - New York, New York

Vineyard Central Community House - Norwood, Ohio

The Brethren in the Ways of Jesus Christ - Lemon Township, Pennsylvania
People of God - Pittburgh, Pennsylvania
Looking for others - Tom and Suz at

Christian Community of God's Delight
- Dallas, Texas
New community forming - Texarcana, Texas (contact Darin "Basil" at

The Wesley Foundation at U.Va. - Charlottesville, Virginia

Alta Vista House - Seattle, Washington (for teachers)


Yet to filter:

·  l'Abri Evangelical network founded by Francis Schaeffer. Communities in the USA, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland and South Korea.

·  l'Arche USA and worldwide

·  Betel (International), rehabilitating substance abusers

·  Bethany Fellowship International Evangelical community and missionary training centre and Bible school, 150 residents

·  Beth-El Society, Israel (news report)

·  Brot des Lebens (auf deutsch: English page), covenant community in Munich, Germany

·  Bruderschaft Salem (Salem Brotherhood) (International). Evangelical communal group helping mentally handicapped adults, disabled and abandoned children; around 800 residents in 10 communities

·  Catholic Worker Communities, 175 locations, mainly in USA

·  Chemin Neuf (multilingual/en français: English page), Catholic with an ecumenical vocation, mainly in France

·  Christian Community of God's Delight, Dallas Texas USA

·  Christ the King International Association

·  Communauté du Verbe de Vie, French-based Roman Catholic communities

·  Common Life Network, Switzerland (auf deutsch)

·  Community of Celebration, near Pittsburgh, PA, USA

·  Community of Celebration Trust supporting the Community of Celebration in the UK

·  Community of Jesus, Massachusetts, USA

·  Community of the Beatitudes (International, French-speaking)

·  Community of the Firstborn, Texas, USA

·  Community of the Good Shepherd, Vasai, India

·  Cooperativa Neuland, Paraguay Land co-op founded by Mennonite (Anabaptist) refugees from Russia and eastern Germany in 1947; today 1,635 residents on 2000 square kilometres (!)

·  Corrymeela Community, Northern Ireland "People of all ages and Christian traditions, committed to the healing of social, religious and political divisions."

·  Diakoniedorf Herzosägmühle, A "Place to Live". Lutheran community which began as a "worker colony" to integrate homeless men in the wider society in 1894. In recent decades it became an intentional
Christian village of about 900 people (including children, families, mentally handicapped people and seniors). Two-thirds of them have chosen to stay permanently, while one-third is looking for temporary help.

·  Disciples of Jesus Community, a national community located throughout Australia

·  Ekumene (Español)

·  Familienkommunität "Siloah", Germany Protestant community, well-known for its Christian youth camps

·  Fazenda New Canaan (Projeto Nordeste), Brazil (in Portugese) Pentecostal Christian kibbutz in the poorest area of Brazil founded in 2000; currently around 200 residents

·  Focolare, Roman Catholic communal villages

·  Foyer de Charité, Roman Catholic lay communities

·  Franciscaans Milieuproject , Based on Franciscan spirituality this community $strives to foster respect for God's creation. Catholic.

·  Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds, UK

·  House of the Open Door, Worcs., UK

·  Home Church Dot Org

·  Hutterian Brethren, various locations in North America

·  Iona Community, UK

·  Jesus Christians, Sydney, Australia

·  Jesus Christ's Community at Hebron, Jefferson, New York State, USA

·  Koinonia, ecumenical student outreach community at the University of London, UK

·  Koinonia, Germany Small charismatic Catholic community

·  Kwasizabantu Mission, S. Africa Not just a mission station, but also a community with 400 residents founded in 1972. Evangelical with Lutheran background.

·  Kyodogakusha, Japan (in Japanese -- English page) Evangelical communities serving mentally handicapped people; founded in 1973; around 170 residents in 4 communal farms

·  Lee Abbey, Devon, UK

·  New Life Evangelistic Center, St. Louis, MO, USA

·  Nomadelfia, Grosseto, Italy

·  Othona Community, ecumenical community, Essex & Dorset, UK

·  Pain de Vie (Bread of Life), Roman Catholic community belonging to the charismatic Renewal Movement; around 800 residents in 35 communal households including all states of life; many former substance abusers

·  People of God, ecumenical covenant community, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

·  Poatina Village, Tasmania, Australia

·  Reba Place Fellowship, Evanston, IL, USA

·  REMAR, International (in Spanish) Charismatic community with 15,000 residents in 1,500 communities

·  Scargill House, Upper Wharfedale, Yorkshire, UK

·  Seekers Church - A Christian Community, Washington DC, USA

·  Servants of Jesus, Sydney, Australia

·  Servants of the Cross, Maine, USA

·  Shiloh Youth Revival Centers Intentional Community, Vermont, USA

·  Sojourners Community, Washington DC

·  Sword of the Spirit International, an association of communities world wide

·  Umkehr zum Herrn (Return to the Lord), Vienna, Austria