Non-Technical Questions
1.)  Who would you recommend I tell about my posting on Christian Housing?
2.)  How much does it cost for me to post a profile on Christian Housing?
3.)  If I want to contribute, how do I do it?
4.)  How long will my profile stay online?

Technical Questions
5.)  I entered my information, but I do not see my profile online at my city. Why is that?
6.)  When I do a search for my area, I see that a number of potential contacts are listed, but they do not all come up. Why is that?
7.)  When I find a place, how do I remove my listing?
8.)  I have lived in a Christian community before, and I would like to educate others on how it was operated. How do I do that?
9.)  I cannot seem to find how to get to the pages to edit my schedule and a description of the place,etc.
10.)  I cannot seem to log in. The sign in menu keeps showing up.
11.)  Why do I get automatically logged off?

Policy Questions
12.)  If I get in contact with someone who wants to room with me or rent my home, and I find out that they are not a Christian as they previously posted online, do I have grounds to turn them down?
13.)  If I find a user of Christian Housing who is spamming people or doing something disruptive, who do I contact?

Traffic Questions
14.)  How can I advertise my listing to people in my city?
15.)  If I want to create a link to here from my website, or that of my church, how do I do that?

Miscellaneous Questions
16.)  Are there any other roommate-advertising websites that I might also look at?