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How was leadership $structured in the community?

How did you spend time together?

In what specific ways was conflict managed?

How was a sense of rapport built between members of the community? What practical steps were taken?

What are some things that you liked the most about the community and environment you lived in?

What are some things that you liked the least about the community and environment you lived in?

What motivated or attracted you to live there?

How did you find out about it?

What motivated you to leave it (if you left)?

If you were to do it all over again, what would be the same, and what would be different?

How did this community go about being set up?

What criteria were used to select members for the community?

How did your community network with other ministries and churches, either locally or globally?

What was the cost of living? How much did a resident have to contribute financially, and from where did the other funding come? How was financing taken care of? How were chores divided?

What resources (books, tapes, etc.) would you recommend for those interested in starting or participating in Christian community?

If you were setting up a Christian housing project from scratch, and you had plenty of financial backing, what would it look like, and why?

Is there anything we haven't asked yet that you'd like to pass on, either to someone wanting to be a resident with other Christians, or someone wanting to develop a community shared by Christians?