Tour of Christian - page 4
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Now is the time to choose your role. At the top are "roommate looking for a place" and "roommate with a place." Roommates share common areas, such as a kitchen or living room, even though their bedrooms may have privacy. If you are a college student living on campus, select "roommate looking for a place."

Second is "tenant," someone looking for a place of their own, not with another roommate, and "landlord," or someone with separate space to rent out, such as a private lower half to their home.

Third is a "traveler" who wants to pay a smaller amount than renting a private hotel room, and is looking for someone with an extra room. A "host" is someone with extra space in their home, even though it may not be completely private or as professional as a "bed and breakfast," but would like to support a Christian traveler in exchange for a moderate compensation, choosable by the host (such as $15 or $30, etc.).

And finally is a Christian "Intentional Community," or a group of Christians living in community in a larger atmosphere than just "roommates." This may be singles, it may be families, it might be one big house, or it might be using separate homes. Generally a community has a theme to it, but that theme may be as simple as sharing a Christian lifestyle.